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Made with Ghirardelli and Callebaut Chocolate 

A good, old fashioned chocolate cake will always find its way into the hearts of people. You can make it as sophisticated as a multi-layer cake with mousse, jam, fueilletine, wafer, chocolate sponge cake, crepe, nuts or fruit, ganache and finally some garnish on top but at the end of the day…simplicity wins.


Kitkat Cakes’ chocolate cake’s secret success is rooted in its simplicity: chocolate cake and icing. No other chocolate cake will get you excited quite like this one. (Yes, we absolutely believe in our cake!)

Photos by: Silver Alcid 

Life happens. Chocolate helps. This chocolate cake uses a varietal blend of cocoas. It is what gives the cakes incredible moisture that lasts. Because of its bitterness, the medium thickness of the chocolate icing on top is what balances it out by providing a hint of sweetness but is still able to keep up as a dark chocolate cake.


When you eat it warm, the chocolate icing just blends and seeps into the darkness of the cake and after that first bite, you get to experience the infusion and connection of two wonderful flavors in your mouth. When you eat it cold, the first bite allows for excitement and playfulness of the cold icing and cake suddenly bursting into deep flavors as it warms in your mouth, revealing the depth of flavors that unraveled overnight. 

A home-baked cake is a labor of love and people who love to eat cakes are simply, the best.

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Photos by: Silver Alcid 

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