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Our story

How it started

What the trend?! Manila, Philippines; Circa 2014: The chocolate "dream cake" was the latest trend. You'll see countless Facebook posts with photos of cakes enclosed in tin cans followed by a self-indulgent caption and hashtags of how unbelievably good it was. You know how trend goes in Manila, right? People go absolutely crazy on social media on the latest food, fashion and tiktok trends and my curiosity on these dream cakes just kept growing. 


Girl on a mission. The following year, 2015, I found myself in front of five cakes in a can, which my little sister Nestle curated from me. I was really excited to see for myself what the hype was all about, and was determined to find the best chocolate cake in the Metro. That year, I flew home to Manila three times. And every time, I would scour every possible cake shop I could find to order a slice of their cake. Upscale shops, homemade business, budget-friendly store, name it I most likely have been in it!  Well, about 20 of them, for sure! All in the name of research, of course, and my undying love for chocolate cake. 

Cakes SPread.jpg

Time to put it to test. Sometime in late 2019, I finally completed my research and development of the chocolate cake of my visions with each layer meticulously thought of: from its smell, texture and most especially, its taste. I remember sending some to my best friends and I asked my brother and sil to bring some to their co-workers. I myself brought some to the restaurant where I worked at as a Sushi Chef. People seemed to really love it. Back then, KKC was named The Magic Kauldron.

I started low-key selling the cakes to friends and co-workers. I mentioned it to O Skin Med Spa in Cerritos where I normally have my facials and the staff was immediately supportive and ordered. Even the spa's clients heard about KKC thanks to the amazingly kind and positively influential, Miss Olivia Quido. At this point, even though just a very few people knew about it, there was a significant amount of repeat customers, which made me really happy and excited. I kept my full time job in Hollywood but I also kept on selling cakes because I felt the need to share my gift, even if it was as simple as a piece of cake. The world needs more happy.

Photos by Silver Alcid

How it's going

Slow and steady does it. When the pandemic happened and almost everybody in the restaurant industry were left on furlough, I spent many hours in my brother's kitchen baking cakes, which essentially became the (temporary) business hub for Kitkat Cakes. (Thanks so much, Kuya Win and Ate Jenn!) New flavors were added and more are in line just strategically waiting to be introduced. Although KKC was put hold in 2021, moving forward it is looking brighter and brighter now that I have more time to dedicate and commit to KKC.

Kitkat Cakes steadily grew a number of very loyal and repeat customers, some who travel all the way from San Diego, San Francisco, New York and Hawaii, just to pick up cakes. People seem to love giving them as gifts on Mother's Day and most especially around Christmas. To my fellow Filipinos, thank you so much for your continuous support!


Photo taken January 2023

While we are working hard on being able to ship these cakes locally and nationally, we soon should have additional pick up locations in Los Angeles and San Jose, as well as a storefront where people can come in, order and pick up their delicious cakes.



Our mission as a team is to create and share joy.

As a company, we aim to support small businesses in underserved communities

and to support people, organizations and foundations around the world that help make the world a better place.


Kitkat Cakes’ vision is to bring raw and authentic happiness all over the world with these cakes and to be recognized as a company that genuinely cares about the experience that we bring to our customers and celebrate with them. 

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